Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wodan: Timbur Coaster Previews to Europa Park Guests

Europa Park's Wodan: Timbur Coaster opened to guests of the German theme park for a preview recently.  That means that a bunch of very lucky people have already been able to take a spin on the ride, and for that I'll openly admit I am jealous.

The ride really looks like a creation that's to be jealous of however, you see Wodan tears around the track delighting rides as it goes - passing under and over neighboring rides all the while.  And while I've mentioned it before, the theming (as expected form Europa Park) is top notch. Even the trains, a set of Great Coasters International Millennium Flyers, take on a unique theme and look for the ride.

Enough blathering about the ride, just head over to this video on YouTube to see what I'm talking about.


Sandra Heute said...

Wodan is new but it is also the new favourite from nearly every Europa-Park Fan! http://www.park-rust.de/attraktionen/wodan-timburcoaster-holzachterbahn-im-europa-park-459.html Sadly there are waiting times up to 120 minutes sometimes... :-(