Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Darien Lake's 2012 Improvements Announced

Darien Lake has announced a lineup of new rides, attractions, and other improvements for the park's 2012 season.

Headlining the additions is a new themed section of the park, Rowdy's Ridge.  The area will contain three new rides as well as some existing attractions that will be renamed.  The entire area is aimed at families, providing experiences that are not too mild or too wild.

Located on the West side of the park, Rowdy's Ridge will take up home in an area near the park's river rapids ride, Grizzly Run.  Two existing rides will be renamed and become a part of the area; Dodgems will become Raccoon Rally and the Brain Teaser kiddie coaster will be called Hoot N Holler.

The three brand new rides will give a bit of something for everyone.  The smallest is Rowdy's Heave Ho, a Heege tower ride where guests are able to pull their car to the top, then gently fall back down to the ground.

Photo © Darien Lake

Seen above already in place at the park is the Hornet's Nest, a Larson Flying Scooter ride.  Loved by many park fans, the swing style ride allows riders to use fins on the car to control their own swinging motion.

A ride being described as unique to Darien Lake is the third addition, known as Moose on the Loose, where you ride on the back of a moose through a bear camp along a gentle track.

This is a 2012 preview video that the park has released which shows off some of the other additions, including 7 new live shows, expanded camp and resort facilities, and overall improvements to guest comfort.  In all the park will see $5 million spent for the expansion.

Darien Lake is currently managed by Herschend Family Entertainment, who's other properties include Dollywood and Silver Dollar City.