Thursday, March 29, 2012

Holiday World's Mammoth Project Nearly Complete

This winter saw the building of a Mammoth new attraction at Holiday World and Splashin' Safari - literally.  The park's latest attraction, Mammoth, will be the world's longest water coaster when it opens in May and fans everywhere are waiting to get in line.

In this recent news story the park is happy to report that Mammoth is actually ahead of schedule, and that testing is slated to start quite soon.  The attraction has also come in on budget, something that's key for parks from a business perspective.

The water coaster will use hydromagnetic technology to send rafts up the lift hill, and guest will have two raft styles to choose from.  One will be a six person circular raft, the other an eight person toboggan style raft.  These large capacity boats will allow for an estimated 1,100 people to experience Mammoth per hour - significantly more rides per hour than a slew of major coasters at large theme parks around the country.

When Mammoth opens it will take the record for longest water coaster from it's in-park sibling, Wildebeest, which opened in 2010.