Saturday, March 24, 2012

OzIris Looking Good in France

© Parc Asterix

If the French cartoon Asterix had something along the lines of OzIris in it I may have been more inclined to pay attention in French class.  Alas, it did not, and even though I've retained very little of the language over the years I can still be confident in saying that the ride looks great.

Parc Asterix has shared a gallery of the just-about-complete ride, including the awesome dive below ground level seen above.  It's not the biggest or baddest of the B&M inverted coasters, but it looks like it may pack a bit of a punch at some spots, plus it has beautiful theming.

Also of note is that this is B&M's first inverted coaster to be built (not moved) since Phaethon opened in 2007.  This means that OzIris is the first inverted ride to not have the post-lift bump that was always found on B&M coasters!