Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekly Rewind 3.4.12

Galveston Pleasure Pier is moving fast and furious toward their opening day, and making a lot of progress along the way.  At left is the park's kiddie area, complete with rides.  Check out more new photos.

No longer any need to worry that the Coney Island Cyclone will receive new cars that won't live up to those in use now - the City has cancelled plans for new ones.

He said, she said, doesn't really matter in the end - Dollywood has now taken over the operation of the park's SkyZip attraction - which is good news for park visitors!  Imagine the views of Wild Eagle from up there...

Nickelodeon Universe has started testing their new Ninja Turtles Shell Shock ride, and I have to admit I love the theming.  Check out the turtle shell cars!

Kings Island has a fancy new logo for their 40th season, and happy anniversary to them!  40 years is a wonderful accomplishment.

Looks like some general blueprints of the expansion of Potter at Universal Florida have been leaked due to some environmental filings.  Looks an awful lot like an [Diagon] alleyway with a giant ride at the end!

Dollywood has released the first image of the fully assembled eagle sculpture that's located in Wild Eagle's plaza.  Isn't it beautiful!

I was under the impression that the latest attempt to revive Jazzland was knocked down by the local government, but the proposal is raging on.  There is a meeting tomorrow before the city votes to rally support.

Jolly Roger Amusement Park will add a new thrill this summer to its Splash Mountain water park in the form of a Whitewater West Aqualoop.  I've yet to try one of these, bit it's on my list.

Islands of Adventure will soon reopen the Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man, featuring all new digital images.  Anyone interested in seeing how the new film looks, check this out.

The SFNE Online blog has some photos from a tour the park gave today, featuring the recently completed Goliath.  As expected, the ride towers over Six Flags New England!

Whew, the Koch's and Bluegrass Boardwalk have a challenge ahead of them, this we know.  But now we can see it, courtesy of some photos taken inside the closed Kentucky Kingdom last summer.  We're rooting for them!