Sunday, March 18, 2012

Scott and Carol Present Shell Shock at Nickelodeon Universe

Not content to merely open a new ride, Nickelodeon Universe decided to attempt to set a new Guinness World Record for the most people dressed as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in one place at one time. The previous record was 748 people.

Tables of shirts were sorted by size to ensure the timely processing of all the attendees. The cheerful staff moved the lines quickly, because they didn't want anyone to run out of time.

No self-respecting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle would be caught without a mask so participants had their choice of colors.

They slowly began to file in and gather around the ride. Decidedly passive for TMNT, they kept coming and coming, and then here came some more.

The meet and greet TMNT came out to dance and pose for photos with their fans. Nickelodeon Universe has created a special location to use when they aren't hosting a special event like this one.

Everyone was require to wear their mask and stay within the prescribed location for ten minutes to attempt the record.

Michael Empric, from Guinness World Records, holds high the Official Certificate that the record now belong to Nickelodeon Universe in Mall of America. The mark was announced as 836 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles of all ages.

Here Rich Magallanes, the Senior Vice President of Animation from Burbank, gives a big thumbs up to the fans of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. "We are doing this for the fans and seeing this come to life has been a dream. "Tivolitoo Inc, who provided the sculptures, has been great to work with, and they followed the details perfectly."

Elijah Berg was the first in line for the ride. He evidently couldn't sleep because he was there at 5:00 AM. He has been coming to Mall of America for as long as he can remember, just for the rides.

The first riders take flight, with the crowd shouting "Cowabunga dude!" If you look closely you can see Elijah in the front.

From the floor, it looks like they nearly touch the roof, but that is the norm for Nickelodeon Universe. Many rides are recessed into the floor for adequate clearance.

Riders soar 72 feet above the floor, 12 at a time. Here they circle high above the Peep shop, which had a grand opening at the same time. Hundreds of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles all hopped up on a sugar high. The excitement level at Mall of America was almost as high as the ride itself.

No they are not dive bombing the Pepsi Orange Streak, although you can feel the breeze if the timing is right. Fitting the 98 foot diameter flight path into Nickelodeon Universe was quite the challenge. The supports for the roller coaster defined one side of the flight envelope and a massive support column for the roof marked the other side.

The Shell Shock ride allows riders to experience close formation flying and they can determine how wild their flight is by moving the independently controlled wings.

Alternating rows of 2 and 3 seats that pivot independently create the swarm. When a group of good fliers are aboard, they are usually continuously changing their roll axis by moving the wings.

Mike and his son Hunter, loyal readers of NewsPlusNotes, can now say they were part of a Guinness World Record. Thanks for introducing yourselves guys, and we hope to meet again in a park soon.

Also, thanks to the great folks at Nickelodeon Universe and Mall of America for the wonderful, fun filled day.