Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nemesis Sub-Terra Opens at Alton Towers

Along with a thick layer of hype, England's Alton Towers has finally opened their latest top-secret attraction, Nemesis Sub-Terra.

The park stringently withheld details of the new ride during the winter months, only spinning a story for the ride that parallels that of the park's (arguably) star attraction, the B&M inverted coaster Nemesis.  Unfortunately now that the ride is open it doesn't seem as though the back-story is any more clear.  Unlike the highly loved and rated Nemesis coaster, Nemesis Sub-Terra is receiving some disappointing reviews.

It is not all bad, though, if you consider the main stream news sources which have published positive or factual-only stories about the ride.  It seems the major complaint so far from those who experienced Nemesis Sub-Terra is that it is short, providing a rather brief ride after a potentially long line with much hype.

The ride is actually an indoor freefall experience, only the freefall is not very large, and in many opinions under utilized.  There's some special effects, a lot of darkness, and a booming audio track that's all supposed to come together to induce some real fear in riders, only they all seem to be leaving feeling rather flat.

The bright side is that massive, twisted coaster that the park has planned for next year.  That will serve as a nice way for the park to make amends with fans, I'm sure.