Saturday, March 3, 2012

New Coasters' Rolling Stock Hit the Tracks

© Hersheypark 2012

A brand new design from Intamin, everyone has been pretty excited to check out Skyrush's new vehicles.  The winged outer seats are going to provide riders with optimal views all around them, and we got our first look at them this past week when the park tweeted the above photo.  I'm looking forward to trying them out, indeed.

© Canada's Wonderland

The snow may be falling, but that hasn't stopped Canada's Wonderland from starting to place Leviathan's trains on the track.  Unlike Behemoth, Leviathan's trains are the 'old school' B&M Mega coaster style, with four across and no seats set back.  The base of the trains are red, which will contrast nicely with the ride's blue and teal structure.

© Great Coasters International

Jumping across the ocean we arrive in Germany, where Great Coasters' latest project, Wodan, recently had its first train sections lifted into place.  With the structure firmly complete, the park is now focusing on completing the ride's elaborate theming and other details.  This, like all GCI coasters, is one to be one beautiful ride when completed.