Monday, March 12, 2012

Dorney Park Dinos and 2012 Brochure

With a bit of Spring in the air (but really, did Winter ever arrive this year in my neck of the woods?) and their new roller coaster, Stinger, pretty much ready to go, Dorney Park has been focusing on their other new attraction for this season, Dinosaurs Alive!

Hence the gigantic banner on the back of the Good Time Theatre.  I'm glad they're using the space for something, it's like having a free huge billboard and leaving it blank, otherwise.

You'll have to excuse the super-zoom, but you can see one of the gigantic dinosaurs getting ready to take up residence at the park's entrance area.  He doesn't quite have his legs on yet, though.  He's resting.

Also the park has confirmed that Talon will have its track painted before the park opens, to match the supports that were done a while ago.  I can't be totally sure, but the yellow in this photo looks new at spots.

Let's play spot the dino.  Can you spot the dino?  Yes, this photo isn't the one I'm most proud of in the years of writing NPN, but it'll have to do.  This ferocious looking guy is back behind Steel Force's station, where the bulk of Dinosaurs Alive! will be located.

For some photos that are not through the trees, check out this news story and gallery.

Also, just for the sake of it, here's a scan of the park's 2012 brochure.  I'm glad that Cedar Fair has settled on keeping something available in paper format, even if it is only four panels.  Better than the two sided card they had a few years ago!