Thursday, August 21, 2008

Super Halloween Update

I know it's been almost overkill around here lately with the Halloween news, but not much else is going on this time of year. Plus, the Halloween season continues to grow as a very important part of the amusement industry's year... so I'm gonna keep covering it! That said...

Canobie Lake Park has announced that Spooky World will be joined with their amusement park and operate during the Halloween season.

This is the first time I've seen something like this happen, and it's pretty neat. Spooky World was a mini-haunted amusement part of sorts that operated in Foxboro, MA only during the Halloween season. Now this year they are moving and joining forces with Canobie for an even larger event. The park has details available on their website. Can't wait for reviews of this one!

Knott's Berry Farm has also launched their website for The Haunt 2008. The park will feature six new mazes for 2008: Club Blood, CornStalkers, Labyrinth, Quarantine, The Slaughterhouse, and Alien Annihilation.

Check out the event's website here. I used the photo above from the returning maze, The Doll Factory, cause I think it's one of the best themes for a haunted house... ever.

Last, but not least, Midwest Info Guide has an update of the Haunt prep going on at Worlds of Fun.

The park will have a new scare zone called Outlaw's Revenge, and a new haunted house named Master McCarthey's Doll Factory. Another doll themed house! I'm jealous!