Wednesday, August 6, 2008

KI 2009 ... It's Diamondback!

The ride is now official, Diamondback will strike at Kings Island in 2009.

The $22 million ride will be 5,282 ft. long, 230 ft. tall, and have a first drop of 215 ft, and a 2nd drop of 193 ft. The first drop will be at a 74 degree angle and get the train going at 80 mph.

There will be a splashdown area as expected, but not expected (by me) is that the lift hill supports will be bright yellow. Oh Cedar Fair... The trains will have the new Behemoth style seating, and the art has a big snake head on the front of the trains.

More coverage to come later!


Chris said...

Wow. I actually really like the name and love the theming concept.

Tori Simba Finn Esquire said...

The logo is excellent, I really enjoy it. And the name is great, as well.

One day, Cedar Fair will learn to be more creative with their colors. :P I probably would have appreciated like a burnt orange color or something like that. Or tan. Actually, yeah, I change my mind. Tan. XD

NewsPlusNotes said...

I agree with you guys on this one ... I think they did a great job with name selection and most everything.

Many enthusiasts just moan about new rides and what's not perfect ... which is lame ... but I must say that the lift supports being yellow is weird!

Great announcement, though. Should give KI a wonderful season next year.

DrewJ said...

It was a great and awesome day! I will have all the info and more as soon as I get some sleep and fix things up! I meet lots of people today and can not wait to share it!

or Andrew as I went at the park!

Chris said...

Wow! You guys will NOT be disappointed. I'm agreeing with i'm your consort; People need to stop whining about things when the ride isn't even open yet. "It looks slow". First of all, it's just an animation! Behemoth looked the same way and it is certainly not slow. "The hills are too high to give enough airtime". Are you serious?

People need to stop saying B&M doesn't design unique rides. It's the PARKS that order the ride.
Behemoth has very strong ejector air in the front seat, so airtime is not anything to be worried about.

I'm glad Cedar Fair is adding B&M coasters. B&M is king when it comes to reliability, capacity, and most importantly, safety.