Sunday, August 10, 2008

Daily Spin 8.10.08

This news article, out of the UK, says that Disney is going to go after the Busch Entertainment parks. It doesn't give a source, though, and there's no other news reports about this yet. So they either have a not so real story here, or an amazing inside source. Imagine the possibilities!

The Halloween Horror Nights Orlando website has been updating a lot lately. Our crazy psychiatrist is now on her 5th victim, err, patient. She's continually more and more crazy and evil. I love it!

Speaking of Universal Orlando, IOACentral has another update of what's been happening lately at the resort's two theme parks. Islands of Adventure has seen new themed Harry Potter signs go up on construction walls, more demo of paths and landscaping, and Universal Studios has more work progressing for next year's Rockit coaster.

Mamba at Worlds of Fun recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. The park had a special event to celebrate the ride's special birthday, and Midwest Info Guide was there to check out the party. I think it's great that a park went through the effort to celebrate a ride like this!

I think the rides that Pax makes look crazy and fun. Having never been on one, I'm not sure if they're a good ride, but they sure look wild. Even the little ones, like Wild Train at Erlebnispark
Strasswalchen in Austria. Random I know, but Coastersandmore did a feature on the ride so I was pondering it.