Sunday, August 17, 2008

Holiday World + Indiana Beach Photos

Sabrina, another valued reader of NPN, has sent notice that her travels have taken her to some new parks, so we have new photos to check out! This time she was able to check out Holiday World and Indiana Beach. All photos below are used with her permission.

What a beautiful photo! Seriously... how amazing does that first drop look. I have a friend who loves this ride, even though he can't walk for a bit after taking a spin (but that's not a bad thing...)

Holiday World just looks charming in every photo I ever see of it. Check out Sabrina's full gallery here.

Steel Hawg: Sabrina loved it! It's so insane looking...

I've heard so many mixed reviews of this park from this season regarding the new ownership I hope things straighten out going forward. Full gallery of Indiana Beach pics here.

Thanks Sabrina!