Sunday, August 3, 2008

Cedar Fair Admission Hikes

Well it that time of year again, Cedar Fair has once again jacked up admission prices at many of their parks for the busy month of August.

Just scanning some brochures I have and now listed prices on websites I see:

Kings Dominion: Regular is now $54.95 up from $51.95
GLWWK: Regular is $25.99 up from $23.95
Dorney: Regular is $39.99 up from $38.99
Valleyfair: Regular is $37.99 up from $36.95

Most of the starlight (evening) tickets as well as Junior/Sr. tickets went up as well.

If you remember, this started a few years back as parking price bumps around the start of August, and has now spread to mid-season gate admission increases at many CF parks.

Just an FYI if you'll be at the gates this month!


Tori Simba Finn Esquire said...

That sucks, I'm going to KD tomorrow. Oh well, yay for that $25 discount, even if it does make it the same price as Dorney with a sodacan discount.