Friday, August 29, 2008

Daily Spin 8.29.08

Hong Kong Disneyland is expected to reach it's first year attendance goal in it's 3rd year, according to news reports. Visitors are expected to total 5.6 million this year, up from 4.2 million during the park's second year of operations.

5.6 million guests was the expected amount for the park's debut year. An increase of 1.4 million people for any park anywhere ever is amazing, so it looks like this park has a brighter future than more may think.

Keeping up with the Halloween announcements, Cedar Point has announced a large expansion to their Halloweekends event for 2008. Guests will fine a new haunted house, two new scare zones (both of which seems like outdoor haunted houses, really), rearranged existing haunts, new live entertainment, and two new themed restaurant locations.

According to this blurb the decision on California's Great America's new wooden coaster for 2009 has been pushed back yet again, now to September 16th. It seems they are taking the course of having a sound level test done. So many parks have this problem - but the real question is, why build an office building next to an amusement park?

Worlds of Fun will be announcing their 2009 wooden coaster, Prowler, along with the new Haunts for 2008 (which we already sorta know about) in the park on September 1st. Anyone who's at the park that day can attend, which is really cool of the park. First Kings Island did it and now WoF, it would be awesome if more parks would start making announcements that are open to visitors that day!

Sea World Orlando has also announced their Halloween Spooktacular event to take place this October. A very family friendly event, there will be no scares found at this one. The Count from Sesame Street will host a special breakfast "boo-ffet", haha, that's a funny play on buffet, aimed at families and their little ones.

Here's a pretty cool interview with John Murdy, creative director of Universal Studio Hollywood's Halloween Horror Nights. He gives away a ton of details that make it sound like having Freddie, Jason, and Leatherface back at Hollywood's event not so bad. (in comparison to the unique Orlando theme) Definitly worth checking out...