Wednesday, August 27, 2008

HKDL's 2008 Haunted Halloween

Hong Kong Disneyland must have had some success with last year's Haunted Halloween event because the park is bringing it back again this year bigger and better than before.

The park is really stepping up and going for real scares during the season, like many parks do - just not any other Disney parks. This is popular (see all the Haunts in the U.S.) all over but never fit in with Disney's image as super family friendly. I love that Hong Kong Disneyland isn't afraid to make their guests... afraid.

This year the scares are spreading to Adventureland with the addition of Demon Jungle and the Adventureland Haunted Trail. Demon Jungle is another haunted house style attraction, like last year's Main Street Haunted Hotel (which was amazingly done from photos and video). This also resolves what the mystery construction was for in Adventureland we mentioned a while back.

The Adventureland Haunted Trail is akin to an outdoor scare zone, that operates only at night and only on weekends.

The Main Street Haunted Hotel, Space Mountain "Ghost Galaxy" overlay, and the Glow in the Dark Parade are all back as well.

Here's the official website for the event.


Chris said...

Interesting pictures! Disney's Hollywood Studios is rumored to get a more adult oriented halloween event in the near future. I imagine it will take a nod from HKDL's event, however, splitting the halloween pie so thin (Halloscream at BGA and HHN at USF) will likely mean that Disney will have to pull out the big guns if they want to pull the event off well.

Also, remember this is not the first time Disney has walked the fine line between its traditional family friendly image and the horror/terror drama. Extraterrorestrial Alien Encounter at the Magic Kingdom was by far the most thrilling/terrifying supersensory experience I've had at a theme park. It's replacement is Stitch and his pizza breath-- Stitch Encounter.