Friday, August 8, 2008

Diamondback coverage Post 2

I had the awesome privilege to attend the announcement of Kings Island's 2009 ride! We all knew that it was going to be big, a roller coaster, and red. As I pulled into the parking lot the staff was handing out fliers.

So, I got there just after the park opened and rode some rides. Lets just say that the day just dragged on forever! When was it going to be 2PM?! Well, at last it was time to retrieve the camera and get ready for the big announcement. I got to the stage at about 1:30 with a small crowd. You can't see it in this picture, but I was behind all of the news media. Here is what the stage looked like before the announcement.

I'll post an audio clip of the announcement its self. The following is the unveiled name and ride.

Then Don Helbig worked his magic on us and let the horse out of the barn!

After all that they ushered us over to an awesome model of Diamondback. The model is not entirely accurate due to space constraints, but none the less it doesn't disappoint!

To say the least, it was still really big!

Here are the guys from Coaster Dynamix! They did an awesome job with the model! If you get to visit Kings Island, you have to see it. I have been told it was moved near the front of the park. Also, if you are a fan of Coaster Dynamix stuff the model does have parts from the new model that should be out latter this year! Kings Island already has a hit with the model, now just to ride the real one!

Talking about riding Diamondback, Even is an employee at Kings Island and is selling the ride so well you would think he him self has ridden it! Great job Even!

This shot is just for fun. I met these two guys looking at the model with the pre-official logo for the new ride. They got the shirts from

This is just a quick shot of the construction from above! The following are courtesy of Kings Island. They are renderings and fact sheets about Diamondback for your enjoyment!

To see all the cool videos, webcam, and updates from the park, go to! I'll try to visit the Kings Island at least once more to see the progress of Diamondback! If not, I'll be there opening day with full coverage!

This is Andrew Riding of into the sun set for now!