Friday, August 1, 2008

Dorney Park's Haunt Website

Dorney Park's website for this year's Halloween Haunt event has gone live, and there are a few surprises.

First, Fright Zone has been renamed to Headstone Hollow, which is great because I always thought that Fright Zone was lacking in creativity.

Doctor of Doom has been rethemed to killer Clowns, which is also awesome, as every Haunt should have some sort of scary clowns.

The big surprise is a new Haunt that has not been mentioned before, The Magical House on Kill Hill. Looks like after the kiddies are done in their fun house (Boo Hill) the monsters will take over. Awesome idea again!

One show has been announced as well, General Jack's Sideshow Bizarro, which appears to be some sort of twisted carnival sideshow. If done well this could be pretty cool.

I can't wait, is it fall yet?