Sunday, April 1, 2007

Steel Force Construction Diary #9

Okay so the ride was done the last time we checked in. The ride opened on May 30th, 1997. It was quite a day to be at the park.

This was taken that day. I remember that they had VIPs or something that rode first and they had this little pretend fence up at the entrance to the ride's plaza. At something like one or two in the afternoon the crowd basically broke through and poof, the ride was open.

Now that we've covered the ride's construction, I have a bunch of before and after photos. There were more than I remembered, so here are a few and the rest will come later.

We all know it, but this picture really shows just how much the ride changed the park's skyline.

The lower part of the park was changed forever. This is looking at the employee entrance to the park.

Also at the lower part of the park by the employee entrance.

Okay that's all for now. In the last update in this series I'll have a bunch more before and after pictures.