Friday, April 27, 2007

Six Flags' Future

I was reading the written version of the slides that Six Flags presented yesterday on the SEC's website today. They cover a lot of stuff in there, some of it far more interesting than the rest.

Like this, for example. This is in the section where the break down how they plan to improve their food, merch, games, rentals, and such in the '07 season and beyond:

The Product and the Guest

o Reduced capital program
o Increased opex to fund labor initiatives, including those aimed at hiring, training, incentivizing, and retaining better guest-facing employees
o Focus is now on "software"
o Get back to theming
o Storytelling, storytelling, storytelling
o Make rides and retail initiatives experiential

That makes me happy to see those three things I bolded on the list. Those are traits of Warner Brothers Six Flags, which I miss greatly. I hope they mean it!