Monday, April 9, 2007

Hard Rock Park Information & Concept

With the preview center opening on the 18th, Hard Rock Park is releasing some more details of what they have planned for the place when it opens in 2006.

The park will have six themed areas:

• All Access Entry Plaza
• Rock & Roll Heaven (honoring the 'legends')
• British Invasion (London themed)
• Lost in the 70s (Indoor 'mall')
• Born in the U.S.A. (obvious)
• Cool Country (the South)

They also have named some specific rides and attractions:

• Maximum RPM! (Convertable car coaster w/on board music):
• Midnight Rider (Southern Rock Coaster going through old lumber mill):
Midnight Rider might also be this though:
• Renegade River Falls - children's water play area
• Garage Jam! - foam ball play area
• Roadies Stunt Show
• A large amphitheater

And some other rides that were not named like:
This green coaster that looks a lot like a Setpoint coaster, although it appears to have a vertical lift. I don't know.
There's also a kiddie coaster, Wave Swinger, another flat ride or two, and some nice looking buildings.

Myrtle Beach Online has an article covering all this, you can read it here.

The park had previously announced at last year's IAAPA show that they were using ride suppliers such as B&M, Premier Rides, Huss Rides, Vekoma Manf., Chance Morgan, and Sally Corp. (yay a dark ride!)

If you want to see a large (I mean it, it's 4mb) version of this art you can click here.

I want to try to follow this park as something about it has me interested. I'm sure there will be a ton of more info available once the preview center is open.