Friday, April 6, 2007

Dorney Park 2007 Season Update #9

The park was busy getting ready for the season today when I took these pictures. The cars are back on a lot of rides, and everything is looking good. We're getting close, only one more month!

First off, AquaRacer. Slide pieces have arrived! You can see them all stacked up in this picture. I can make out dark blue and aqua pieces in this picture.

Another shot. Here you can also make out some bright yellow pieces. Interesting colors, I must say I like them. Can't wait to see how it goes together.

Here is a more general shot. You'll have to click it to really see what I mean, but I'm wondering what that lime green/yellow thing is. It's right next to the concrete block that's along the lazy river. I could be 1000% wrong but maybe that's the bottom of the slide?

Here's another overview shot. You can see Water Works, the AquaRacer slide pieces, and if you look through the trees, you can see the lime green/yellow thing I was talking about. And we can't forget about Talon's loop.

They were digging up the remains of the house when I went by. I guess they were taking out the foundations and such.

Last shot - I'm guessing at this point that whatever rumored improvements Laser might have been to get are not going to happen. Since it was a rumor though, perhaps it was never even planned at all.

I'll keep watching as I'm sure the slide will go up soon!