Friday, April 13, 2007

Led Zeppelin The Ride Model Photos

Well, I guess we knew these would appear soon, just maybe not this soon. But, hey, cool!

Myrtle Beach Online had photographer Randall Hill out today to see the announcement of the ride by the park at their new preview center. These photos are, of course, © Myrtle Beach Online.

White track again, how awesome! Looks like big, straight first drop, loop, cobra roll, heartline, loop, 360 turn, mid-course brakes, flat spin, helix, station.

Looks impressive.

A look at the end of the ride. You've got the B&M turn-off-the-mid-course into the flat spin into the helix - all of which is nice traditional B&M design.

The article that came with the photos mentioned the ride is 4,000 feet long (I'm sure that's appx.) and 155 feet high, with 6 inversions.

All of the photos from today's announcement are at Myrtle Beach Online.