Tuesday, April 10, 2007

PARC Management Not Wasting Time

The new owners of the 7 parks that Six Flags sold are not wasting time making the parks their own.

Look at Darien Lake's snazzy new logo! I like it a lot.
That's all of the page they have up so far for Darien Lake. The same is true for Wild Waves Theme Park.
The same is not true for Elitch Gardens, who's site is now live and has some content on it. (Probably because the park opens at the end of the month.)

You can check it out at Elitchgardens.com.

Apparently Elitch's is adding a bowl slide to the waterpark this season. It's on the park map, however, I can't see anything else about it on their site.

The sites for Frontier City and the water parks are still pretty much pages with park logos. Who knows if they'll run the parks well, but at least they hired a good graphic company!