Friday, April 20, 2007

Dorney Park 2007 Season Update #11

I took a few pictures of AquaRacer before and after work today and thought it'd be nice to share them with the world. Here we go.

A nice wide view for you all. As construction workers do, they were working already at 7 this morning. You can see they've put up all the side and cross bracing for the supports as well as filled out the main tower.

Zooming in quite a bit, we can see those guys at work. Thanks for building our new slide guys! You can get better detail by clicking this pic, I left it pretty big for that reason.

Later that day...

We have the same shot, just with the sun in the opposite direction. As you can see, they put up some railing and that's where the obvious work ends. I'm sure they did something the rest of the day though.

This is from a different parking lot. It gives you an idea of how the slide sits in comparison to the speed slides.

Artistic shot of the day. Thankfully, that One Wa... er ... NewsPlusNotes sign was blocking the sun or we'd be in trouble. From this angle it looks like AquaRacer is up against the speed slides, but we know better than that. And you can play I Spy with Talon's Immelman in this pic as well.

More to come as soon as they build it!