Sunday, April 15, 2007

Dorney Park 2007 Season Update #10

Here we are again! Another week, another update. Let's start this week with Laser.

Both pictures can be clicked for much bigger versions, larger than normal actually, so you can get some detail.

I really don't know if anything has been painted. I put an arrow in the 2nd picture to show some supports that certainly seem to be a more 'fresh' color than the rest. But this could be my camera, the light at that moment, or a million other things.

As of right now, I really don't know if Laser is receiving work/paint or not.

Next up, the parking situation:

In the 1st picture, you can see that the house is totally gone now. They've put some stones on top of where it was. The 2nd picture is just to the left of where the house was, and over here they are clearing out some trees and stuff. I really like that no one has taken out the mailbox for the house yet. It looks silly and I like that.

Okay, and now AquaRacer:

They have got slide pieces in place! Or at least it looks like it. If they're not in place then they are very neatly laying in order. You can see the pieces start to curve upward in this pic.

Wider shot of the area. There's a good chance that by next update the whole tower will be up.

Here you can see the run out for the slides. Or at least that's what I'm thinking this is. The whole slide is positioned forward more than I expected.

Another view of the same. You can see more yellow pieces in this one though. I really am happy with the color choices.

That's all! Three weeks till the park opens kiddies!