Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hard Rock Park Preview Center Photos

Now that the preview center is open, there are a ton of photos turning up online, like the one above.

There's far too much info to cover here, so click these two links and check it all out. There's much more to the park than I expected.



Tommy and James



Ryan said...

The park comes off as more family-oriented than I expected... not that I was expecting anything too extreme, but I didn't see the variety coming.

The "Family Water Coaster" looks an awful lot like the Hydra Fighter II from Wet'N'Wild Emerald Pointe ( Makes me wonder if the mine train will be recycled, too.

NewsPlusNotes said...

Good observation.

I agree that it's family oriented but I also like that they've not been afraid to 'embrace' the Rock'n'Roll aspect of things, like that almost naked fairy and such - it gives the park a more modern, relevant feel. (even when recreating the past)