Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Conneaut Lake Park Finishes Strong 2018 Season + New Family Ride for 2019

© Conneaut Lake Park
The little park that could, also known as Conneaut Lake Park, is still chugging along, having recently wrapped up their 2018 season with impressive signs of growth.

The park saw total revenue in 2018 increase 18%, up to $838k from $708k in 2017, according to the Meadville Tribune.  That growth comes on top of 24% revenue growth in 2017 versus the 2016 season.  During 2018 the park's sales of wrist bands, which give access to rides and water park features, were up 21% and the gift shop saw sales rocket up 45%.

Conneaut Lake Park is technically still in bankruptcy, with an approved nonprofit organization running the property.  It has worked to fully pay back taxes it owed local municipalities, and is continuing to chip away at secured debt that is owed from the bankruptcy, currently at a balance of $1.3m, down from $2.9m.

The park credits the support of their local residents as a key to their success, also the reopening of the water park which resulted in great increases in wrist band sales.

© Conneaut Lake Park
While this is great news, the park will remain in bankruptcy for some time to come, hopefully with future seasons seeing additional increases.  The park has been helped by fans as well, with the American Coaster Enthusiasts donating $7,000 so the Blue Streak wooden coaster could get new wheels.  The coaster had its second hill rebuilt in 2018, and the third hill will be rebuilt in 2019.

Next year Conneaut Lake Park will add a Ferris wheel to its lineup, seen above having already arrived at the park.  It will carry a minimal fee of its own and be installed near the lake to offer picturesque views.

Other improvements, such as repaving the midway, upgrading sewer lines, paving park roads and rebuilding dilapidated buildings will have to wait, at least for now.  But new income can be generated next year through 29 full-service camper hook-up sites that are being built in Camperland.  The area is already popular and has needed more capacity, but the park had to wait until they had funds for the project.

Most ride fans enjoy the classic attractions the park offers, such as the Tumble Bug, Devil's Den and the Blue Streak classic wooden roller coaster.