Friday, October 5, 2018

New Photos Show Two Coasters Rising at the American Dream's Nickelodeon Universe

© Martin & Vleminckx
Ride instillation experts Martin & Vleminckx recently shared some new photos of the construction of two large new roller coasters at Nickelodeon Universe.  The theme park will be completely indoors and located at the American Dream, a mega-mall and entertainment complex located just outside Manhattan in New Jersey.

The photos, seen here, show the expert skill needed to construct two intertwined roller coasters at the same time.

© Martin & Vleminckx
Both of the new roller coasters have been designed by Gerstlauer Amusement Rides.  The larger of the two has the green track in these photos, and is expected to be a near clone of Takabisha at Japan's Fuji-Q Highland.  The ride's many inversions can be seen growing inside the structure in these photos - the ride will also feature both a vertical lift hill with well-beyond vertical first drop and a launch to more than 60 miles per hour.  When completed it will be one of the largest Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter coasters in North America.

© Martin & Vleminckx
The second ride that can be seen in these photos with the pink/purple track will be a custom designed spinning coaster from Gerstlauer.  The ride stands around 85 feet tall and features more than 2,200 feet of track - a considerable size for a spinning coaster.  The track weaves its way through the other coaster's track and supports, offering riders traditional wild-mouse like elements along with swooping turns and drops.

The new Nickelodeon Universe theme park at the American Dream is stated to open sometime later in 2019.