Friday, October 26, 2018

Quassy Amusement Park Adding New Family Ride + Other Improvements in 2019

© Zamperla / Quassy Amusement Park
Quassy Amusement Park has announced that for the 16th consecutive year the park will expand for their 2019 season, adding a new family ride along with other improvements.

“We’re pleased to announce the addition of another new family ride for 2019 as well as some other enhancements at the property,” Quassy President Eric Anderson said today.  “It has a unique and lively action like nothing we’ve offered before,” the park official noted.  “The dune buggy themed vehicles will accommodate both youngsters and adults, making it an ideal fit for our demographic.”

The all-new Bouncing Buggies will be located in the center of the park, and will be manufactured by Zamperla - one of their Jump Around models.  Each of the six vehicles will seat up to four children or one adult and two children.

In 2019 Quassy Amusement Park will also totally refurbish their popular Ice Cream Parlor.  They will also more LED lights to existing rides in the park.  Just last season the Yo Yo Super Swing ride and Tilt-A-Whirl were given these lights, which not only save energy but also look spectacular.

This past season the park made a major addition with the Category 5 Waterslides in the Splash Away Bay water park.