Saturday, October 20, 2018

Kings Island Offers a Closer Look at 2019's Kings Mills Antique Autos

Fans of Kings Island are eagerly awaiting the return of one of the park's most beloved attractions, arriving in 2019 as the Kings Mills Antique Autos.  Previously we only knew that the attraction would be residing within the Coney Mall themed area, but the park recently offered a much more detailed look at the family ride.

© Kings Island
You'll have to click this image for a larger view, but the park shared the actual plans for the ride, leaving no detail hidden.  As expected the ride's station will be located along the midway, where two planters and a game stand previously were.  The ride's layout will move past a brand new gas station area, over a covered bridge, around a decent sized pond and past several billboards.  Of course, the area will be filled in with new landscaping as well.

© Kings Island
The plans have allowed us to get a final idea of the part of the park that has been cleared out for the Kings Mills Antique Autos.  The entire area in the teal box above has been totally razed in order to make room for the ride.  It's a great use of some space that had plenty of open spots previously.

Visitors to Kings Island have had plenty of opportunities to check out the space that will become home to the Antique Autos.  As the park shared in the above video, the work to clear out the space seemed to take no time at all.  Now the park has a big open area to start to build in, which is when the fun begins!

If you want to see some demolition photos along with a link to the full packet of plans for the Kings Mills Antique Autos, follow this link over to KI Central.

Also, things will be quiet for a few days around here as we head off on a short Fall break.  See you soon!