Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Carowinds Announces the Return of a Fan-Favorite Ride in 2019 + Copperhead Strike Grows

© Carowinds
As if a brand new roller coaster, Copperhead Strike, a new themed area with a renovated restaurant and new hotel wasn't enough, Carowinds has gone ahead and also announced the return of a classic ride for their 2019 season.  Now known as Mountain Gliders, the park's set of Flying Scooters will join Copperhead Strike in the new Blue Ridge Junction area.

After operating at the park for many years, the ride was removed to make way for 2018's Camp Snoopy transformation, and did not operate at the park this year.

© Carowinds
When the attraction reopens as Mountain Gliders in 2019, it will have a brand new look (seen above in concept art) which matches its new themed home.  Many fans of the ride have expected the park to make this announcement at some point, considering the ride foundation has been visible on the Copperhead Strike webcam for some time now.  Flying Scooter rides allow visitors to ride in individual cars that have controls that let them swing high in the sky, with a little practice, of course.  The family-friendly ride has long be a favorite of Carowinds visitors.

© Carowinds
As part of sharing the good news about the debut of Mountain Gliders, Carowinds had some media out to the park today to see the latest Copperhead Strike construction as well.  Above is one of the photos that the theme park shared today, showing the view looking straight down the initial launch.  The first vertical loop is currently being built, with several pieces already in place - plus a whole mess of supports are standing for different sections of the coaster as well.

For more photos of Copperhead Strike, the park's new dorms and hotel, check out this article from Coaster 101.