Saturday, October 13, 2018

Lakemont Park to Reopen Two Classic Roller Coasters in 2019

© Lakemont Park
Pennsylvania's Lakemont Park, which has sat closed for two summer seasons now, is planning on reopening in 2019 - but not in the exact same form as when it closed.

The park is aiming to be more of a community center with an open campus that can host many events, family reunions, summer camps, and sports games on new basketball and volleyball courts.  So definitely not a traditional amusement park, but some of the most important rides will remain.

Leap The Dips, which was known as the world's oldest operating roller coaster, will still be at the park, along with Skyliner, a wooden coaster from Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters built in 1987.  As a bonus, the park will also be keeping their children's coaster, the Little Leaper, an Allan Herschell ride.  The coasters, along with other attractions, will operate on an individual ticket basis.

As the map featured up top reveals, the park will reopen with several new attractions such as a a full sized miniature golf course, a children's mini-golf course, new water play area next to the pool and slides, go-karts, a walking trail, train ride, basketball and volleyball courts and a couple kiddie rides.

Before the park opens next year, it will host its annual Holiday Lights on the Lake celebration this winter.

The existing Lakemont Park © Google Maps