Friday, November 2, 2018

Energylandia Gives Fans a Look at Their Massive RMC Wood Coaster Coming in 2020

© Energylandia
Fans still have to wait a couple years to take a ride, but Poland's Energylandia has given us a look at their massive new Rocky Mountain Construction wood coaster, opening in 2020.  In short, the ride looks incredible!

A bit like a much larger version of Goliath at Six Flags Great America, the new ride is tentatively called Zadra, which means splinter in Polish.  It will be a very large coaster using the company's IBox track, standing nearly 200 feet tall and stretching over 4,200 feet long.

The park did an announcement of the ride, and luckily a video of the presentation was recorded.

This presentation is about an entire new themed area that Energylandia is building, which includes the RMC coaster along with a dark ride and other features.

If you watch the movie you are treated to both off-ride and on-ride footage of the coaster.  The ride features several inversions, including stalls and a zero-g rolls, along with plenty of air-time hills, a pretty long tunnel and an ending with zig-zag directional changes.  Other common elements that RMC rides have been using recently are incorporated, such as a wildly outward banked turn atop one of the higher parts of the ride.

Energylandia has been expanding at a rapid pace since it opened in 2014, with 12 coasters already open and three more planned.  Just this year the park opened Hyperion, a massive Intamin mega coaster.