Monday, October 29, 2018

New Details of Cedar Point's Forbidden Frontier Emerge From New Map

Today starts the off-season for many amusement parks fans, myself included.  This is when we really turn our heads toward the exciting additions that are planned for the 2019 season, and happily for us they are plentiful again this year.  Cedar Point has kicked things off by including a new image of Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island in a mailer they sent out, giving us our first look at a map of the development.

© Cedar Point
There are some details available on here that can only really be seen if you click through to the larger image.  Those include the entrance to the attraction, named areas, Millennium Force's layout, and more.

First, the map gives us a look at the island and it doesn't take long to realize that Forbidden Frontier looks like it will be accessed from Frontier Trail, meaning the floating bridges that currently give access to the island from Camp Snoopy will be moved.  That makes sense as this is to be a highly themed interactive journey with hints of escape room mixed in, and Frontier Trail is already themed nicely. 

© Google Maps
Looking at a map of the park, and rotating it to match Cedar Point's image, you can get a better sense of the island.  It looks like the entrance may use the station from Shoot The Rapids, then cross the bridges onto the island.

Then visitors are greeted by the large lake that the log flume used while on the island, and the graphic seems to indicate that they will cross it... somehow.  Boat?  More Bridges?  That's not known yet.  After that the path appears to follow the one in place for Dinosaurs Alive, recently retired from the park.

The map also has some areas of the park labeled, which seem to coincide with the attractions existing there.  Cedar Creek Pass is located where the Cedar Creek Mine Ride is, Fort Sandusky is located already along Frontier Trail, Sitnam Point is kinda near Rougarou, which was Mantis, and Mantis Backward is Sitnam.  Finally, Strataman's Ridge is where Top Thrill Dragster is, and that is indeed a Stratacoaster.

Now that Cedar Point is closed for the season, I'm sure that this is just the first of plenty of new information that will be released on Forbidden Frontier!