Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Zombies Attack at Canada's Wonderland Via 4-D Ride This Haunt

Canada's Wonderland has made good on their plan to transform Wonder Mountain's Guardian into a Halloween themed attraction for the Haunt - the park will premiere Zombies! this Fall.

The new 4-D Interactive Dark Ride will see the video gaming aspect of Wonder Mountain's Guardian transformed into a zombie blasting fest, with riders targeting the creatures on the ride for points.  Since the majority of the attraction utilizes 3-D screens that create the interactive gaming experience, the switch was probably fairly easy for the park.  No word yet on whether any additional special effects or theming will be added for the makeover.

With a plethora of console and online games already utilizing the zombie theme, the ride's premise will be familiar to the younger set - zombies are attacking, they want our brains, and we must destroy them.  Pretty simple, enough so that even riders who don't partake in gaming will 'get it' - hopefully resulting in a popular ride.

Through the development of Wonder Mountain's Guardian the ability to easily transform the attraction's content remained a priority.  It is great to see the park come through on the plan, I hope that the Zombies! overlay is a hit for them!