Monday, September 15, 2014

Canada's Wonderland's Skyrider to Thrill Again... but Where?

If you never got the chance to stand-up to the thrill of Canada's Wonderland's Skyrider roller coaster, you just may have the opportunity to get the credit after all.

The ride had been posted on used-ride seller Ital International's website shortly after it was announced to be leaving Canada's Wonderland, but the entry (seen above) has now been marked as "SOLD."

The problem with possibly getting the chance to ride the coaster again is that as of right now we have no idea where in the world the Togo stand-up coaster will end up.  Technically we don't even know that it was sold with the intention of being reopened, technically it could have gone cheap for scrap - however if that was the plan I don't see why it would have been listed in the first place.

Skyrider operated at Canada's Wonderland from 1985 until September 1st, closing to make way for future expansion at the park.  Looking forward to seeing where this ride turns up.


WNY retail history said...

Maybe Darien Lake bought it!

John Brooks said...

Maybe PNE Playland in Vancouver bought it because they do have plans on expanding their park.I hope it stays in Canada as it was Canada's first stand-up coaster. Even though it's a TOGO stand-up coaster, it has amazing airtime and I will always remember it for that especially since I just started riding it this year. Thankfully I was able to ride it 9 times before it left Canada's Wonderland. I hope to see it operating again soon and preferably in Canada where it's a piece of history for the Canadian Amusement industry. It was a huge draw to have "no seats" when it opened in 1985. Too bad it didn't see it's 30th year at Canada's Wonderland. Even with it gone now, I'll still enjoy the park. :-)