Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Talk With Knott's Berry Farm's Leader + Latest Construction News

© Knott's Berry Farm
The charm of Knott's Berry Farm is stronger now than it has been in many years, and a big part of that is thanks to current General Manager Raffi Kaprelyan.  For the past three years he has watched over the park as some of its greatest classic attractions have been refurbished, from physical rides to the historic Ghost Town seen above.

The L.A. Times published and interesting interview with Mr. Kaprelyan, who has spent much of his career at Knott's Berry Farm, but also was in charge of Canada's Wonderland for six seasons.  You can read the full story here, but the topics covered include the aforementioned refurbishments, keeping Halloween Haunt fresh, the removal of WindSeeker, and more.

While only touched on briefly in that article, the park has stated that they plan to reveal their plans for 2015 after Haunt is over.  That makes sense, as their Halloween celebration requires all the big guns to come out - and why distract from such a great event?

So we will have a bit longer to wait to see if the rumored dark ride comes true, but in the meantime make sure to stay up to date with Knott's Network, which has steadily been updating their project 2015 gallery.  The latest shots show that the former Kingdom of the Dinosaurs load area has had its roof removed, and the queue ramps are seeing some destruction.  We might not know just what, but something is coming!