Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Worlds of Fun Amps Up Halloween Haunt 2014

Worlds of Fun is adding some interesting new attractions to this year's annual Halloween Haunt, including one fairly big name live show.

Most parks debut at least one new haunted house or scare zone each year, and that is true of Worlds of Fun for 2014.  A new scare zone, titled The Boneyard, will open this fall.  The attraction's description doesn't totally give away the theme, unless it is as obvious as skeletons: "the keepers of The Boneyard haunt the underworlds of World of Fun feeding on the marrow of the living."

Worlds of Fun will also premier Ed Alonzo's Psycho Circus of Magic and Mayhem, hosted of course by Ed Alonzo himself.  Personally I remember him from Saved by the Bell, but he has performed at many parks through the years, including Kings Island and Valleyfair.

The show is described as featuring "sickening stunts, bizarre shock magic and revolting, gory fun" and is warned as only for mature audiences.  Sounds like a great match for Halloween Haunt, which isn't aimed at kids, anyway!

Another interesting item noticed on Worlds of Fun's Haunt site is a new level of skip the line pass, Fright Lane Max.  This super-premium level gives Fright Lane Plus with Skeleton Key, a meal at Chickie's & Pete's, two drinks (including booze!), a t-shirt, a part in the Haunt parade, and vip seating at the Overlord's Awakening and Ed Alonzo's show.  Doesn't come cheap though, Fright Lane Max starts at over $80, and that's on top of the admission price.

Halloween Haunt at Worlds of Fun starts this Saturday, September 20th.