Wednesday, September 24, 2014

New Gravity Group Wooden Coaster Opens in China

Located at Hot Go Park in China, an expansive new wooden twister has opened that was designed by The Gravity Group.  The coaster (which seems to just be called Wooden Roller Coaster) was built by Martin & Vleminckx.  At last year's IAAPA convention M&V announced that a handful of wooden coasters had be ordered for several parks in China, all to be designed by The Gravity Group.  The above ride is one of the results of that announced partnership.

The new coaster was designed utilizing the side of a large hill, meaning it follows the terrain closely and maximizes the speed that can be gained from it.  Roller Coaster Database reports that the ride stretches just short of 4,000 feet in length and reaches a maximum speed of over 58 miles per hour.  The ride utilizes two Timberliner trains and dives under a walkway twice during the experience.

Looks like a great ride, a shame that it is located so far away!  I can't wait to see the duo's other coasters that come on board in the future.