Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Waldameer Showing Off Future Expansion Plans

Waldameer Park & Water World has had a significant water park expansion planned for several years now, with the first stage opening next summer.

The park released the above image, showing the master plan for Water World's growth, which is focused around a large family wave pool.  The wave pool will be the main addition for Waldameer's 2015 season as previously announced, but the plans show other additions in the pipeline.

Obviously the expansion will see ProSlide heavily involved, as they're name is all over the concept.  A large new children's area will eventually be built, complete with several sets of small slides and a water fortress.  The area adjacent to the wave pool will feature two sets of cabanas, and there's a new bowl slide to be added to an existing slide tower.  The new area will offer other guest amenities such as changing rooms and food service outlets.

For comparison purposes, here's the expansion area right now - most of the growth will replace parking spaces.  To allow for the park to still have a home for its visitor's vehicles, land that was purchased adjacent to the park in 2012 will be used.  Some has already been cleared and turned into parking, while plans are set - pending a final date - to demolish the Inn at Presque Isle to free even more space.

In anticipation of more crowds, Waldameer will no longer be closed on Mondays and switch to a seven day a week operating schedule next year.

This expansion will mean so much for Waldameer and Water World, especially considering the popular of water parks in general these days.  Hopefully the additional attendance and revenues will translate into even bigger expansions down the road!