Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Batman Swoops Into Six Flags Fiesta Texas in 2015

My apologies for this going up so late; I was trying to get some more detailed images from the park, but had no luck.  Still, I want to cover Six Flags Fiesta Texas' announcement here on NPN so let's take a look at this first of its kind coaster.

Batman The Ride (a coaster name that was last used in 2003) will dominate the Rockville section of the theme park, standing 120 feet tall.  The coaster is a new design by S&S, a 4-D Free Fly where the winged seats utilize magnets to rotate them during the ride.  Between gravity and those magnets, the park is promising that riders will invert "at least" six times on the coaster.

The trains will seat a total of eight riders per cycle, with plenty of space between the two rows to allow the seats to rotate 360 degrees.  There will be a total of five trains.  The ride experience will include a queue that is Batman themed, including the Batmobile and Bat-Signal.

The park's simulation video for Batman: The Ride gives a nice visual explanation of how the cars will flip riders.  The ride is similar to the Intamin ZacSpin or Ball Coaster in principle, though the use of magnets to attempt to control the seat direction is a new trick.

Check out more photos and information at Six Flags Fiesta Texas' website.


JeffLee said...

This ride looks really great... but I don't think it's technically in 4D. Since the track layout is along the same vertical plane (like a ZacSpin), the trains only move along a two dimensional plane (just up/down and left/right) and not in three dimensions (like X2 at SFMM).
Add in the extra 'dimension' of spinning seats, and it only seems to come to three.
Am I crazy?