Thursday, September 18, 2014

Cedar Point Announces 2015 Plans Including Rougarou Floorless Coaster

The answer behind the retiring of Cedar Point's Mantis stand-up coaster is now clear!  The park has announced the transformation of Mantis into Rougarou, featuring new floorless trains that will provide a totally new ride experience.

Rougarou will feature the same track and supports as Mantis, but receive a bright new paint job featuring deep orange track with a dark teal support color.

According to Cedar Point the coaster's name is pronounced roo-guh-roo, and for those wondering what it represents the park adds that it is a "terrifying werewolf-like creature in French folklore" that "feeds on screams and lurks in and around the swampy lagoon at the center of the park."  Pretty cool, and certainly a worthy replacement for Mantis.

Aside from the new name and a full repaint, Rougarou's big draw will be a much more comfortable ride experience delivered by floorless trains.  The new rolling stock will be fabricated by Bolliger & Mabillard, the same company that originally built Mantis.

Rougarou's new look in the center of Cedar Point
The new trains will have riders feet dangling above the track as they soar through the 3,900 feet of track.  They will feature a color scheme that includes shades of green along with complimentary orange and gold.  I would assume some modifications to the ride's station will be necessary to install the retracting floor needed to accommodate the new trains as well.

A total of four inversions are featured on the coaster, a vertical loop, dive loop, inclined loop and a corkscrew.  The inclined loop can be found on several B&M stand-up rides, however it will now be a first-ever element for a floorless coaster.  When Rougarou opens next year it will still have a 54 inch height requirement.

Also announced today is a new catering area at Cedar Point, named the Lakeside Pavilion.  The new facility will replace the Coral Courtyard and be located right alongside the beach.  The concept art for the addition, some of which is featured above, makes the area look like it will fit in perfectly with its surroundings, from architecture to a rather pretty fountain.  The entrance to Lakeside Pavilion will be moved to be located by WindSeeker and Planet Snoopy.

The renovation (or addition) of large new catering areas at Cedar Fair parks has been a recent trend that is great for group business.  Hopefully Cedar Point will see many new bookings as a result of this expansion.

While the park has previously made its plans for Hotel Breaks' renovation public, they announced some new features today.  We already knew that the historic hotel would see a full refurbishment both inside and out - with work already underway - but there's far more than that.

Some new food options were revealed today, including a full service Starbucks locations, along with a new Surfer Lounge rotunda bar.  The area outside the rotunda appears to have its pool removed, replaced instead with green space.  The park is also showing off a fresh look for the hotel's lobby and other interior spaces.

This video shows off the new Hotel Breaks from top to bottom, and if the end result is like what we're seeing here then I think the "premium" resort that was the goal of the renovations has been met! 

Some may be surprised by the removal of one pool, but fear not - this new play area will be added on the property as well.  There's still a second outdoor pool along with an indoor one as well.

Cedar Point is calling 2015 a year of "transformation" and they couldn't be more spot on!