Thursday, December 29, 2011

Verbolten's Drop Toward the Rhine River

Left Image © Swiftman via

An exciting part of Verbolten's construction has been completed as Busch Gardens Williamsburg has finished the ride's final drop.  The coaster will plummet down an 88 foot drop straight toward the park's Rhine River, using the same footers (although quite beefed up) as the Big Bad Wolf.

In fact, the nerd in me has been waiting for quite some time to see the completed drop in order to do a comparison shot!  Thankfully for us BGWFans has posted some excellent recent photos of the ride, which allowed me to make the comparison above.

Verbolten's theming elements for the drop have yet to be put in place, but you can see the footers for them in the photo.  It looks like the turns after the drop will be pretty quick, and feature the same fast directional changes that the Wolf did.  Looks good!