Monday, December 12, 2011

Scott & Carol Present Christmas at Sea World Orlando

The Christmas Celebration at Sea World offers familiar classics and new offerings for 2011. Shamu Christmas-Miracles features a Christmas Carol sing-a-long and the most popular ocean going mammal in the word, Shamu. The “baby” we brought you pictures of is now following mom through some basic maneuvers and on her way to becoming a star in her own right.

The characters of Sesame Street teach Abby Cadabby what Christmas means to them, and create a snowfall just for her, and the audience. A percussion street band performs their version of seasonal classics and periodic snowfalls occur in the marketplace.

The “O Wondrous Night—The Greatest Story Never Told” is new this year and it features the story of the holiest of nights from a new perspective, that of several animals who affected the events that evening. The show starts with over a dozen gospel choir singers who do everything during the show. They sing, operate puppets, fly like angels, rearrange the scenery, and handle an amazing menagerie of live animals for the epic finale.

The main characters are the donkey, dove, and sheep, who give their perspective on who had the greatest impact of that night. It’s not historically accurate because this is the “untold” version of the story. The donkey carried Mary, the sheep kept her warm, and the dove made sure that the empty room at the inn was not available, by stealing the key.

With some modern day references, “Best Middle Eastern Hotel” and the term “Epic fail,” the show has its light moments leading to the final scene. The wise men lead real camels down the aisles, a llama, sheep, and goat take their places in the stable, and doves fly over the crowd. A human angel is suspended and the crowd goes crazy. Setting a new standard for Christmas pageants, the packed Nautilus Theater offers a rewarding experience for everyone who can get a seat.

The Christmas Market offers some unique decorations, tasty snacks, and a great viewing spot for the Seas of Trees. Over 100 trees are connected by more than nine miles of fiber optic cable which controls over five tons of environmentally friendly LEDs. There are nearly 2,000 individual lights on each tree, and they change colors as choreographed by the music. If you time your meandering correctly, you can be in the middle of the “forest” on the bridge at show time. Sea World has graciously provided some videos of what it took to create this attraction.

Of course Arctic Explorer has been changed over to Polar Express for the season. From the full-size locomotive out front to the bursts of fog in the queue the transformation is complete. The inside of the cars is completely redone and when you arrive, a beautiful Christmas tree awaits. Visit with Santa or just watch the Beluga whales or Polar bear, there are lots of things for everyone at the “North Pole.” If you don’t believe you are there, try melting a hand print into the snowdrift. The tingling as your hand comes back to life will make you shiver.

If you stay for the final performance of Wonderland on Ice, you will have a great view of the Holiday Reflections, Fireworks and Fountains show. Utilizing all the bay has to offer, it’s a wonderful way to gain one more memory of Sea World to savor as you leave. All things considered, it is truly a Christmas Celebration for the whole family.

Happy Holidays to all!