Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cliff's Expanding in 2012

Cliff's Amusement Park is a New Mexico family tradition, and one that's going to be bigger and wetter than ever next season.  The family owned and operated park has some major construction currently going on, needed in order to greatly expand the park's water area next year.

The work site is so big that two rides have had to be moved, and one permanently retired.  Both the park's Sea Dragon and Cliff Hanger (free fall ride) are being moved to new homes inside the park.  Another ride, the Rock-o-Plane will be retired.

The park's existing Water Monkeys' Adventure, a small water play area, has also been dismantled.  All this work is for the park's new Cliff's Water Adventure area, though full details have not been disclosed yet.

© Cliff's Amusement Park

Some hints are being made pretty clear, though, such as the above photo of a giant monkey themed tipping bucket, which was recently delivered to the park.  In other shared photos, pieces of what looks like it might be a much larger version of a water fortress have arrived, complete with large slide pieces and other monkey theme elements.

It sounds like Cliff's is getting ready to make a full announcement, we'll be sure to check up on that when the do!