Friday, December 30, 2011

Legoland Florida's Successful Holiday Season

Congratulations are in order to Legoland Florida for surviving their first fully packed holiday season in Central Florida - or at least for surviving it so far.  The park has, like so many other Orlando area parks, had to close their gate this week (or come just shy) to visitors due to capacity

Naturally it sounds like there were a few growing pains for Legoland Florida when the crowds descended, but overall the park handled the masses and now has the experience under their belt.

The crowds at Legoland Florida - and other parks again this time of  year - continue to bode well for our favorite industry.  It's nice, at least for this writer, to see the parks filled to the brim and relevant as ever to the public.

For Legoland Florida this is especially true - some had concerns that the park's location would make them a hard sell to the already bustling Orlando market.  Still, people have responded to the new park - both area visitors and locals - and in this case they came in droves.

With the addition of a water park this summer, Legoland will be able to even better handle the crowds of visitors to the park.  If the park continues to be popular I'd bet on even further expansion to add capacity to the park.  It'll be interesting to watch the park grow!