Saturday, December 24, 2011

Aerial Antics: California Parks Updated

Happy Holidays everyone!  Best wishes to you and yours from all of us here at NPN!

For a long time Bing was the only option for great bird's eye view images of parks, but now Google is moving in with their new 45 degree images.  One of the first parts of the country to have the images added (there are more now, but we'll explore those later) was the West coast.

While we've seen most of these parks in previous Aerial Antics' columns before, the new images do show some recent California parks updates.

Six Flags Magic Mountain's crisp imagery contains shots of recent attractions like the one above, of Apocalypse.  The Green Lantern, however, is not added yet.

Invertigo at California's Great America may be Inverti-gone at this point (and suddenly practically in my backyard!) but you can still check it out in its original location.

Work was well underway at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk on their new Ghost Castle building when these photos were taken.  The work seen above eventually turned into a huge hole, then eventually a two story dark ride!

Paint was just starting to be applied on the face of the massive rock work under construction at Disney California Adventure for Cars Land.  It's pretty neat to zoom around and see all different projects underway at the same time!

Lots of nice California sunshine lets us see plenty of details at Knott's Berry Farm, such as one of their recent coaster additions, Sierra Sidewinder.  No WindSeeker in these images, though.

The last time we checked out Legoland California's new Pirate themed area from the air it was still under construction, but in newer photos we see the section fully open.  The water park they just opened didn't quite make the cut yet, though!

We'll be back on Monday, until then have a happy and safe holiday!