Monday, December 5, 2011

Beech Bend Park Expanding Again in 2012

It's always a delight when a smaller park finds success and is able to plan expansions, and quite happily for Kentucky's Beech Bend Park this is true.  The park has come off some larger expansions in past years, starting with the addition of the Kentucky Rumbler in 2006, and then a significant water park addition spread over 2010-2011.

Appearing uninterested in resting on their laurels, the park has just announced the addition of a 140 foot tall drop tower - still unnamed for now.  The ride will feature a 12 passenger car that will drop riders at a stated 60 miles per hour.

From a photo posted by the park, the ride looks like it will be similar to XScream at Waldameer Park, created by ARM Rides.  These provide quite an intense experience - no need for a 300 foot tall tower here, these babies pack a punch.

Beech Bend is accepting name suggestions right now for the new tower, and the winner will get some free tickets to the park next season.

Also new next year is a show called "Wild Bill Hiccup's Wild West Show," a family friendly slap-stick comedy show.  The water park will also see the debut of the Tiki Grill and another hydration station - did we mention that the park offers free soft drinks?  Sounds like a great year is on deck!