Monday, December 5, 2011

'Tis The Season For Kennywood Holiday Lights

Kennywood is trying something new this holiday season, for the first time in the park's 114 seasons of operation the park will be open to guests during December.

Kennywood Holiday Lights is a celebration that features one million lights, plus plenty of other festive garb decorating the park's buildings, walkways, and rides.  There's plenty of holiday food, fun - and of course Santa!

An extra special treat is that a handful of the park's ride's are open to guests, including the Kangaroo, Carousel, Paratrooper, Train (renamed Gingerbread Express for the event), and many rides in Kiddieland.  Probably the biggest draw for the event is the light show which takes place each half our over the park's center lagoon.

Kennywood Connection posted that video which gives just a taste of the light show - which actually alternates every performance to keep things fresh.  This news story points out that a trip to Hersheypark's holiday event spurred the decision to move forward with Holiday Lights - and I think the park and guests are pretty happy they did!

Kennywood Holiday Lights will run again this coming weekend, and also the 16-18th.